• Mrs. Connie Tripp
    Taylor County School District
    Special Education Coordinator
    504 Coordinator
    P.O. Box 1930 * 23 Mulberry Street
    Butler, Georgia 31006
    or (478)862-5224


If your child attends TCHS and receives free or reduced priced meals, she/he may be eligible for FREE TUTORING after school. Contact the school principal for more info.

TCHS 478-862-3314
TCMS 478-862-5285


Notice of Parents Rights under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)



The Taylor County School System routinely informs the parents of students who are being served through an individualized education plan (also known as an IEP) about the contents of the Georgia Special Needs Scholarship Act (also known as Senate Bill 10). This act affords parents of students who are being served by a public school system through an IEP the right to use state special education funds earned on behalf of their child by the local school system to pay a portion of the tuition for the student to be served by a private school, by a religious school, or by a public school system other than the one the child is attending if that school is state-approved and agrees to accept the student.



All children (Ages 0-21) are entitled to a free education. That includes children with physical, mental, or emotional problems. 
So, if you have a child or know of a child with special educational needs, CALL US. We want to help.

Please call the Special Education Department at the Taylor County Board of Education.  The phone number is 478-862-5224 or you can mail the child’s information to the Special Education Department, Taylor County Board of Education, PO Box 1930, Butler, GA 31006.  You can also contact the West Georgia GLRS Office at 706-748-2140.  West Georgia Learning Resource System is a free support service for ages 0-21.



Notice of Rights of Students and Parents Under Section 504

Section 504 Procedural Safeguards